AC Milan Results 2010/2011

AC Milan played 38 games in Serie A 2010/2011.

Results for AC Milan 2010/2011

May 22nd 2011UdineseAwayD0-033000
May 14th 2011CagliariHomeW4-180018
May 7th 2011RomaAwayD0-058083
May 1st 2011BolognaHomeW1-074121
April 23rd 2011BresciaAwayW0-123000
April 16th 2011SampdoriaHomeW3-060028
April 10th 2011FiorentinaAwayW1-232677
April 2nd 2011Inter MilanHomeW3-080000
March 19th 2011PalermoAwayL1-027000
March 13th 2011BariHomeD1-161363
March 5th 2011JuventusAwayW0-124908
February 28th 2011NapoliHomeW3-077276
February 20th 2011ChievoAwayW1-229000
February 12th 2011ParmaHomeW4-046119
February 6th 2011GenoaAwayD1-126000
February 1st 2011LazioHomeD0-038809
January 29th 2011CataniaAwayW0-220000
January 23rd 2011CesenaHomeW2-037952
January 16th 2011LecceAwayD1-115926
January 9th 2011UdineseHomeD4-439405
January 6th 2011CagliariAwayW0-123000
December 18th 2010RomaHomeL0-153769
December 12th 2010BolognaAwayW0-325000
December 4th 2010BresciaHomeW3-041418
November 27th 2010SampdoriaAwayD1-126820
November 20th 2010FiorentinaHomeW1-047549
November 14th 2010Inter MilanAwayW0-178000
November 10th 2010PalermoHomeW3-138903
November 7th 2010BariAwayW2-336000
October 30th 2010JuventusHomeL1-280000
October 25th 2010NapoliAwayW1-240000
October 16th 2010ChievoHomeW3-149170
October 2nd 2010ParmaAwayW0-119615
September 25th 2010GenoaHomeW1-041505
September 22nd 2010LazioAwayD1-140000
September 18th 2010CataniaHomeD1-122640
September 11th 2010CesenaAwayL2-023000
August 29th 2010LecceHomeW4-047000

W = Won, D = Draw, L = Lost

League Table AC Milan 2010/2011

AC Milan1st386524+4182 pts

AC Milan Records and Statistics 2010

Largest win:
  • 4-0
  • 4-0
  • AC Milan - Lecce
  • AC Milan - Parma
Largest loss:
  • 2-0
  • Cesena - AC Milan
Most goals in a game:
  • 4-4
  • AC Milan - Udinese
Clean sheets: 2052.63% of all games played the 2010/2011 season.

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