Gefle IF Results 2009

Gefle IF played 30 games in Allsvenskan 2009.

Results for Gefle IF 2009

November 1st 2009ÖrgryteHomeD2-21605
October 28th 2009HäckenAwayD0-01910
October 25th 2009TrelleborgHomeW2-12108
October 17th 2009AIKAwayL1-015049
October 4th 2009HalmstadHomeW1-02338
September 29th 2009BrommapojkarnaAwayL1-01417
September 24th 2009Malmö FFHomeL0-33114
September 17th 2009GAISAwayL4-03382
September 13th 2009IFK GöteborgHomeL0-35890
August 31st 2009ÖrebroAwayL2-06567
August 24th 2009HammarbyHomeW1-06837
August 15th 2009Kalmar FFAwayD1-14296
August 9th 2009ElfsborgAwayW2-37011
August 3rd 2009DjurgårdenHomeW2-06287
July 26th 2009HelsingborgAwayL2-08428
July 19th 2009HelsingborgHomeL0-23836
July 13th 2009ÖrgryteAwayD2-23230
July 5th 2009HäckenHomeD1-14432
May 30th 2009TrelleborgAwayL2-12227
May 25th 2009AIKHomeW1-06973
May 20th 2009HalmstadAwayW0-23504
May 17th 2009BrommapojkarnaHomeW3-25039
May 7th 2009IFK GöteborgAwayL3-07088
May 4th 2009ÖrebroHomeW2-03055
April 29th 2009Malmö FFAwayD0-011469
April 23rd 2009GAISHomeD0-03508
April 19th 2009ElfsborgHomeL1-24490
April 15th 2009DjurgårdenAwayD0-07283
April 12th 2009HammarbyAwayW1-212251
April 6th 2009Kalmar FFHomeD1-15196

W = Won, D = Draw, L = Lost

League Table Gefle IF 2009

Gefle IF10th302838-1039 pts

Gefle IF Records and Statistics 2009

Largest win:
  • 2-0
  • 0-2
  • 2-0
  • Gefle IF - Örebro
  • Halmstad - Gefle IF
  • Gefle IF - Djurgården
Largest loss:
  • 4-0
  • GAIS - Gefle IF
Most goals in a game:
  • 3-2
  • 2-3
  • Gefle IF - Brommapojkarna
  • Elfsborg - Gefle IF
Clean sheets: 1033.33% of all games played the 2009 season.

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